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well it seems it is time to pay for the blog again, so that might just spur me into action to records some of my adventures, and I have had plenty of them over the last 12 months just been too sidetracked to share them with you all ………… so I shall set myself the challenge of trying to get some value for the money I have given to WordPress and actually write some ramblings about the things I have been up to ………… so await for this space to show changes

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changing the Guards at Lizzy’s London Palace

I suppose all tourists to London think about going to Buckingham Palace, and whilst the inside tours had finished for the year I was still happy to have a look around the outside. Plenty of people gathered as the day I was there was a day of changing the guards, and whilst there were too many people to get a really good look it was still worth the visit. All the pomp and ceremony of the British monarchy was there for me to glimpse, and enjoy it I did

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Royal retreat – the world’s greatest castles

Royal retreat – the world’s greatest castles.

via Royal retreat – the world’s greatest castles.

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guarding the Jewels at the Tower in London

I wasn’t aware that the royal family’s sparkly bits were at the Tower, but was more than surprised when I was taking at break and sat down right next to the place where the guard changed. It was a lovely sight and as it was unexpected it made it more enjoyable. The Royal Grenadier Guards have the job of keeping the royal family sparkly bits protected and they sure look good whilst they are doing it.  

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what an amazing place, the place is FASCINATING well kept and very well worth a visit and one of the things that had my attention was certainly the royal family sparkly bits. I went into the display and had a  read of the history of all the crowns and I was impressed and had a look at the display, then after hearing that they were the REAL thing I had to go back and have another look, it was then I was super impressed with all the sparkle. You are not able to take pics in the sparkle room but it is something that will stay in my mind for a long time to come.

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the Tower in London

what an amazing place, I really enjoyed my time there

a tower visitor

I opted not to take the guided tour or the talking tour but just to simply walk around and soak in the place and what a place it is. The admission is cheap and I was there for over 5 hours as I was fascinated my many aspects of the history, and the manner in which this is set out makes is easy to become absorbed in the past. The pace is FASCINATING well kept and very well worth a visit.

the Tower of London can be seen from many places along the River Thames, and one of the most popular is a view of the water-gate called “Traitors’ Gate” From the moment you enter the castle there are many things to see, from a replica of the Kings bedchamber to the torture equipment used to silence people. There are many fascinating stories for the visitor to read about all kinds of happenings there.

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going for a walk around Hyde Park in London

for me it was a ‘must see’ part of my London visit as Hyde Park is a place I have seen many times and I particularly wanted to go to the Policeman’s Path and Diana’s Fountain. The day that I went was clear and warm and just lovely for a stroll around this park, I would have like to gone all the way around but as it is over 300 acres I did not allocate enough time.

I did manage to join over 60 thousand other visitors (yes just on that day) and have a stroll. I cannot imagine how many visitors they would get in a year. Well the landscapes were special and I did manage to walk the bridges of Diana’s fountain and marvel at the beauty of the tribute. I do believe I shall return when I can go boating there as it is a very nice part of the world

a stroll around the park, I can easily visualize the horses and carriages canting around the park in days gone by

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London Tourist things

well I was trying not to do the high level tourist places but there is so much here in London are simply must do, one of these was the London Eye. I went in the late afternoon and the views were still FAB so I would recommend that you spend the time and money on this attraction. It was high quality

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arriving in London town

I arrived in London in the early evening and I was thinking that was not the best time but I found that the whole process of getting off the flight and into the world was very easy to do, the longest part of the process was waiting for the luggage. I love the electronic passport readers; it makes the whole process so much simpler. Then it was off on the fast London Express which took me directly to Paddington where my accommodation was located.

Ii got into Paddington at 11pm and the street were very well lit and with lots of people so I certainly felt safe, my hostel was only a 10min walk (and 6 mins of that was getting out of the station) and the reception staff were helpful and friendly and were happy for me to leave my large suitcase as I didn’t like the thought of getting it up with 8 flights of stairs and into my room.

Dolphin Inn …………. Paddington

As I had so much sleep on the plane I was happy to have a look around and I wandered around Paddington for a few hours, was great to get a feel for the lie of the land when not to many people where about. I wandered around and had a drink in a all night cafe, and just soaked in the reality that I was in London. Sleep was not needed that first day as my body was still on Australian time and I was all set to explore.

the WEST End …. so many shows to see

I bought the required Oyster card for ease of getting around the public transport system (which is easy to understand) and launched myself into wandering around. I felt like I was rolling the dice on a Monopoly board with so many names being familiar. Cold weather shopping was completed in Oxford Street where there were plenty of high end retailers as well as budget and discount stores. So I felt like I was more prepared for the cold weather with my new purchases and back to the hostel I ventured, via the local pub where I had a few drinks and chatted with a few travellers from around the globe. It was FUN

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I am London town bound

I took an SriLankanAir flight from KL and I must admit to feeling somewhat cautious as no one I know had flown with this airline previously so I was not sure what it would be like, but I was more than impressed and would say the service is the best I have ever received on a budget airline, when I arrived at KL airport the line to check-inn was only one person so that was smooth and very very quick, so I had ample time to look around and have a good walk before the flight.

The flight was firstly from KL to Colombo which was a 4 hour stopover, and on the plane there was a meal (which was actually nice) and unlimited juice coffee and soft drinks .The flight was only about half full so plenty of room to have a stretch ,  the seats were quite ‘doable’ in the budget seat line, so it was surprising comfy.  In Colombo a I only saw the inside of the international airport I was hooked enough to put that destination on my will visit list. In the airport that was ample space to stretch out or go for a walk to stretch the legs and lots of promotional information on visiting the country (hence the will visit later decision)

Then it was on the plane to have the 11hour flight to London, which was considerably more packed but I was still lucky enough to have 2 seats to myself. Meals and drinks were again on offer and this included alcohol, which many of the passengers made use of, There was one child that didn’t shut up for the first hour and I was thinking it was going to be a long flight but eventually the child settled and a great many of the passengers slept for a few hours, myself included. Another reasonable meal was served and then before I knew it the pilot was announcing the descent into London

This route heading to London from Australia, I was not expecting such good service and the level of comfort, so will happily recommend.

Safe travels


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KL stopover


after having an uneventful  overnight stopover in KL I am again at the airport ready to head off, the  next step of the adventure awaits me.

 the hotel in KL  was certainly passable for a short stay but it is not one that I would stay at again, only because what I thought I paid for was not what I got. It advertised it was walking distance to the airport and in my world a 45min drive isn’t close (taxi cost was 60MYD each way) and it advertised the rooms had wireless but didn’t state that it doesn’t work, and the hot water was not recognizable as hot, so I am glad I didn’t feel the need for a long hot scrub. On the upside the rooms were very clean they had plenty of staff to attend to people and the food buffet was very agreeable for the money (30MYR) per person, and the pool was very lovely.

The AREA close to the hotel warranted a ‘lookie’ and I spent a very enjoyable couple of hours wandering the few blocks around the hotel, it was very much a working class kind of suburbia area and it was great to have a wander around and see what the locals were buying in regards to the day to day business of living.

One lady who worked in a clothing store was amused when I was looking at underwear that was so no- where near my size, (I was looking because a friend of mine supports a Bali orphanage and on her list of things the kids need is underwear) so this gave the shop assistant the courage to start chatting to me and eventually she told me that she thought my hair was ‘special’ I took that as a compliment (at the time it was definitely fluffy)

the flight from KL is with SriLankan Airlines and it was dirt cheap so I am not sure what it will be likebut shall hope for the best. The flight was nearly empty so lots of spare seats and I managed to get a sleep so that was good. The food was higher standard that what I am used to with AU airlines and the service was great and even the seats were not to squishy, so all in all I am glad I went with this ticket.

so here I am in the airport at Bandaranaike for a 4 hour stopover, and the first things that hits me is just how clean and well organized it is. Great place for a walk to stretch the legs and as far as airports go it has a good wifi connection and plenty of free internet screens for the public to use, in the terminal they have a day spa so I made use of that to get a reflexology massage and it was lovely for 20US my feet were seriously made to feel better (note to self when you read not to wear new shoes why did you not take heed)

so now for the leg that will get me into the UK and open the door to experiencing some London delights, on to the plane I go

safe travels






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