surviving a Long-Haul Flight????

What are your recommendations for surviving a Long-Haul Flight????

well I for one have never been on a long haul flight so I wondered if anyone would care to share any tips or recommendations I would love to hear them

I found a great blog at Eagle Creek, that I found easy to read and very informative, so would you like to share any gems that you have personally had work for you in the long haul flight survival saga. I would be interested to know.

The thought of being wedged into a small seat (yes I am a big girl, tall and wide) and no my finances don’t stretch to Business class or First Class. So Economy seating it is for me, and more than likely on a budget airline. Yes I know I don’t even have a ticket yet, but at least the house is nearly packed and I must be closer to getting away on this adventure of mine.

Eagle creek suggestions include: Bring snacks. Hydrate. Bring water. Move as much as you can. If they work for you take sleep aids to knock you out for a while. Bring your favourite entertainments Bring a great attitude.

As I am stranger to these flights, I would love you to offer me some tips for the long-haul trip, so why not suggest away

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5 Responses to surviving a Long-Haul Flight????

  1. Kelly Martin says:

    I concur with Eagle Creek but also would add, take the blanket if the flight attendant offers one, it can get cold on long haul flights, warm socks so you can take your shoes off, take an eye mask and one of those crazy looking inflatable neck pillows. If you are on your own you can then make sure you don’t roll onto the person next to you. Move legs, get an aisle seat if like me you have a long legs. While window seats have pros too (lean against window to sleep), aisle means one of your leg can stretch more and your not climbing or interrupting the person next to you when you want the bathroom. Keep alcohol to a minimum and stay awake on arrival at destination if its during the day until its dark. Have a great flight!

    • AussieSusan says:

      Thanks Kelly I am sure to do as you suggest, and yes I am tall so the leg space is something I am thinking of. So an aisle seat will be best and I am not much of a drinker so that’s not a challenge for me. Thanks heaps for following me and look forward to more of your writings Safe Travels Susan

      • travellingfootprints888 says:

        Your welcome and thanks for the follow back, I love your blog name! I am love turtles good symbolically good balance between earth and water (grounding and spirit). Like the fact they flow through life and home is always with them.

      • AussieSusan says:

        thanks Kelly I have always had a ‘thing’ for Turtles and I love the way you describe them. I can see that as being a major reason that I was so attracted to them. Here in Australia the Indigenous people see Turtles as the keeper of the dreamtime (which is their historical stories and ways of life) and in that comes the balance and harmony. So special that they are. Safe Travels Susan

  2. My longest flight, Sydney to LA, 18 hours, back then i was 24 and a non smoker, jet lag a big factor, get over it the next day, these days my longest flight is six hours from Perth to Thailand, and as a chain smoker, it’s very trying, but get some nicobates, good Luck Susan, and love your blog

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